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We provide a broad range of consultancy services in the areas of exploration and production geo-science in partnership with PetroVision.

  • Regional Basin Studies
  • Stratigraphic Studies
  • Prospect Evaluation
  • Structural Analysis and Modeling
  • Seismic Interpretation
  • Static Modeling
  • Petro-physical Modeling
  • Mapping and Volumetrics
  • Geostatistical Analysis
  • Volumetric Analysis



Our team is experienced in the acquisition and interpretation of petro-physical data which is invaluable in the oil and gas industry. We provide:

  • Logging and coring programs that optimally suit the needs of our clients
  • Detailed Quality Control: at the well site and or the interpretation centres
  • Quick look evaluation in real-time
  • Post drilling petro-physical analysis as either a standalone service or as part of an integrated reservoir study
  • Log data - core data integration
  • Reserves Estimate
  • Asset Economic Valuation